Frequently Asked Questions


Who is impacted by my donation?

What is the difference between a sport-specific gift and an annual fund contribution?

When can I join?

I’m already a season ticket holder, what are the benefits of joining the Flames Club?

Is the membership per person or will benefits apply to my whole family?

Does the membership have to be paid all at once?

Are Flames Club donations tax-deductible?

When do my Flames Club benefits expire?

Are there any benefits of joining the Flames Club, outside of ticket privileges?

Can I mail a check for my Flames Club donation?

What membership level do I have to be to qualify for parking privileges?

Can I share a membership?

Is my Flames Club donation refundable?

I work at Liberty, is there a discount on membership?

Does the Flames Club give credit for in-kind gifts?

Does the Flames Club accept gifts of stock or bonds?

I used to be a Flames Club member, is there anything specific I need to do to re-join?

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