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    Please click on the desired interactive form below.  Fill in the requested information, then save the PDF form to your computer.  You can then attach the PDF to an e-mail and send it directly to the compliance office at  If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact the compliance office at the same e-mail address.

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    Agent Brochure
    Overview of NCAA Bylaws Governing Agents


    A Career in Professional Athletics
    NCAA Amateurism Certification Process
    Overview of NCAA Bylaws Governing Amateurism


    ARMS Login


    Student-Athlete Handbook
    NCAA 2015-16 Summary of Regulations
    Outside or Unattached Competition Request Form (ARMS)
    Voluntary Withdrawal Form (ARMS)


    Student-Athlete Employment Form (ARMS)
    Fee-for-Lesson Form (ARMS)


    Don’t Bet On It
    Gambling on College Sports

    International Students:

    Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletic Eligibility
    NCAA International Students
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Banned Substance List
    Liberty Way (sign-in required)
    Rules Enforcement
    Parent Education Guide

    Summer/Vacation Period:

    Student-Athlete Employment Form (ARMS)
    Outside Competition Form (ARMS)
    Fee-for-Lesson Form (ARMS)

    Student Assistance Fund:

    Student Assistance Fund Guidelines


    Transfer Request Form (ARMS)

    Dear Student-Athlete:

    We are very grateful that you have chosen to be a student-athlete at our institution. As an integral member of our athletics program, it is our duty to educate you about the NCAA, Big South Conference, and Liberty University rules and regulations for which you are responsible for upholding. The purpose of this page is to provide you with the tools that will allow you to gain the knowledge and understanding of these rules. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the athletics-compliance office at 434-582-2116 or email us at