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    As a Liberty University coach or staff member, you are expected to comply with NCAA, Conference, and Liberty University rules and regulations.

    This section of the website serves as a valuable resource in explaining several rules and regulations that are used on a daily basis, also providing information on important institutional policies.  We have provided a detailed outline explaining the procedures related to each topic.

    Please contact the Compliance Office if you have any questions regarding any of the information contained in the section.

    TBA – Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
    Phone #: (434) 582-2116

    Heather Lafon – Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
    Phone #: (434) 592-4949

    Michelle Jack – Assistant Director for Compliance
    Phone #: (434) 582-2112

    Ashley Chiera – Assistant Director for Compliance
    Phone #: (434) 592-5719

    Policies and Forms

    Disclaimer: If you are having trouble accessing any of these forms, please try opening them in Internet Explorer.

    Agents and Advisors

    • Policy

    Agent Policies and Procedures

    Interview Guidelines for Agents

    NCAA Agent Brochure

    • Forms

    Agent Registration Form

    Awards and Benefits

    • Policy

    Occasional Meal Policy and Procedure

    • Forms

    Occasional Meal Form (ARMS)

    Student Assistance Fund Request (ARMS)

    Team Building/Entertainment Request (ARMS)

    Donation Request

    • Policy

    Charitable Donation Request Policy and Procedures

    • Forms

    Charitable Donation Request Form


    • Forms

    Roster Change Form


    • Forms

    Student-Athlete Employment Form (ARMS)

    Fee-for-Lesson Form (ARMS)

    Official/Unofficial Visits

    • Policy

    Official Visit Policy & Procedures

    Official Visit NCAA Summary

    Unofficial Visit Policy &  Procedures

    Unofficial Visit NCAA Summary

    Guide for College-Bound Student-Athlete

    • Forms

    Official Visit Pre-Approval Form (ARMS)

    Post Official Visit Form (ARMS)

    Official Visit Itinerary (ARMS)

    Official Visit Mileage Form (ARMS)

    Unofficial Visit Pre-Approval Form (ARMS)

    Prospect Declaration Form

    Outside Competition


    Student-Athlete Outside Competition Form (ARMS)

    Promotional Activities

    • Forms

    Donation Request Form

    Promotional Activities Form

    Scholarship Request Form

    • Forms

    NLI Scholarship Request Form

    Social Media

    • Policy

    Social Media

    • Forms

    Social Media Education Tip Sheet