Financial Training and Development


Purpose and Vision

The Financial Planning and Budgeting Office is offering a variety of training and development opportunities.  All courses are available via the Professional Development Portal.  While some of the courses offered may be required given your particular office responsibilities, many are offered as an opportunity to enhance your ability to understand and apply financial concepts. 
The vision of this office in offering focused training and development is to build a core of individuals, systems, and processes into operational strategic advantages; allowing the University to better position financial resources in the advancement of its goals.

While the University will continue to improve and refine the systems and processes that are used in day to day financial management; the ability to make use of the financial information that these systems provide is dependant on the ability to use common desktop computer applications.  It is therefore strongly enouraged that all who seek to improving their financial skills do so in concert with improving overall computing skills as well.  DISC continues to offer a variety of courses in all of the major desktop applications as well as facilitate certification program such as MOUS.  The skills that these courses and certification bring will enhance the ability for individuals to creatively utilize the financial data that they are coming to understand.

How to register:

All currently available courses are scheduled and listed under the Finance course group in the Professional Development Portal

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