Financial Planning & Budgeting

The Financial Planning & Budgeting office strives to serve the University community with a friendly and servant oriented mindset. The functions of our office include:

  • Coordinate and assist in the development of the operating budget requests
  • Ensure the departments operate in accordance with the University’s Policies and Procedures
  • Provide management with analysis and feedback about budgetary problems
  • Ensure the timely availability and integrity of financial data for institutional decision-making
  • Monitor departments operating budgets
  • Process approved budget amendments
  • Assist Budget Managers in the execution of their responsibilities
  • Ensure division leaders, budget managers, and other users are appropriately trained on:
    • Finance related Policies & Procedures
    • Using the University's Financial System (Banner, Infor, etc.)
    • The Budget Planning Process


Please contact your Budget Analyst regarding any of your budget or finance related questions.  Below is a listing of the assigned areas of the University.  For all other questions or concerns, please email BUDGET@LIBERTY.EDU or call (434) 592-3333.

Debbie Crouch, Assistant Budget Director

  • Ryan Mayfield, Budget Analyst II
    > Subsidiary Companies
    • Mark Pennisi, Budget Analyst I
      > Academic Affairs Administration
      > Academic Centers
      > CASAS
      > LUCOM
      > Rawlings School of Divinity
      > Registrar
      > School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Devin Foster, Budget Analyst II
    • Denise Clark, Budget Analyst I
      > College of General Studies 
      > Helms School of Government
      > School of Business
      > School of Engineering & Computational Sciences
      > School of Nursing
    • Addison McCarty, Budget Analyst I
      > College of Arts & Sciences 
      > School of Aeronautics
      > School of Education
  • Kathryn Taylor, Budget Analyst II
    • > School of Music
      > JF Library
    • DeVontt Holley, Budget Analyst I
      • > Law School
        > School of Health Sciences
        > School of Visual Arts
        > School of Digital Arts


Jim Foit, Budget Analyst II
> Administration & Operations
> Athletics
> Development
> Finance
> Human Resources
> Student Financial Services


Dave Freyre, Budget Analyst II

  • Paul Boydoh, Budget Analyst I
    > Information Services
    > Enrollment Management


Kristi Jennings, Budget Analyst II

  • Roland Parris, Budget Analyst I
    > Marketing & Media
    > Spiritual Development
    > Student Affairs
    > Auxiliary Services


Debbie Naylor, Budget Analyst II

  • Angela Brown, Budget Analyst I
    > Projects & New Construction
    > Facilities Management