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Project Inquiry and Creation Process

Documents and Important Resources

General Process Overview

The Project Procedure is a five-step process that begins with the definition and approval of a general concept or goal into the final completed project.  Please reference the Project Development Flowchart above for a graphical representation of this process.

Requesting Department Involvement

Department Inquiry Phase
The form used to facilitate this process is the Project Inquiry Form (PIF). The requesting department submits an idea or proposal through that department’s respective approval chain.  Once approved by the respective divisional leadership, the PIF may then be submitted to Facilities Management via pif.facilities.mgmt@liberty.edu. The PIF must contain detailed scope requirements, including any pre-approved special construction and/or technology.

Inquiry Processing Phase
The PIF is distributed within Facilities Management for design and budget estimation. The Senior VP of Facilities Management reviews the PIF and approves or disapproves the project.

PIF Approval Phase
If the PIF is approved, the requesting department must provide the funding source* and obtain signature approval from their senior executive leadership. The requesting department will then submit an approved Request for Budget Amendment (RFBA) to Financial Planning & Budgeting to fund the project.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Once an approved RFBA is submitted, the Budget Analyst will obtain a project FOAPAL and fund the project.  Notification of project creation and funding will be sent to the requesting department, Facilities Management, and any other stakeholder.

Facilities Management Involvement

Project Execution Phase: The details of the project plan are executed and progress is monitored.

*Funding sources may be from the requesting department’s budget or University funds.  Request for University funds will be reviewed by the COO.