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Master of Theology: Church History

Master of Theology in Church History

Residential Master of Theology: Church History

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The Master of Theology (Th.M.): Church History degree focuses on the historical development of Christian theology. With this degree, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the history of evangelicalism and how it molded the church today.

Study the progression of Christianity – from the early church, through the Middle Ages and the Reformation, and into the Modern Era. Learn about the current trends in biblical theology while studying its historical background.

With the Church History focus, you’ll gain a global perspective of the church while looking into the cultural contexts, key personalities, and movements that contributed to the spread of Christianity.

Thesis or Non-Thesis?

The decision between a thesis track and a non-thesis track generally revolves around your interest in future Ph.D. work. Many credible Ph.D. programs will not accept a student who has not already completed a thesis. Students not interested in a future Ph.D. have the option of choosing the non-thesis track. The non-thesis option provides a Capstone research project that allows you to do an advanced research project in your chosen field of study.

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Academics: Th.M.: Church History

Featured Church History Courses

  • Modern & Contemporary Christian Thought (THEO 603)
  • Biblical Theology (THEO 610)
  • Historical Development of Christian Theology (CHHI 610)
  • History of Global Christianity (CHHI 620)
  • Classical Reformation (CHHI 650)

Admissions Requirements

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Career Opportunities With a Th.M. Degree

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Missionary
  • Ph.D. Program