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Residential Divinity

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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Graduate location:

School of Divinity
Carter Building
701 Thomas Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Undergraduate location:

School of Divinity
Religion Hall
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, VA 24515


Mail Address:

School of Divinity
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24515


School of Divinity Main Office

Email Nikki Wilkins
Associate Administrator

Phone (434) 582-2569
Fax (434) 582-7459

Email Morgan Mason
Operations Coordinator

Phone (434) 582-7905

Email Laverne Smith
Doctoral Programs Assistant

Phone (434) 592-3341


Dean's Office

Email Jonathan Kirk
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Phone (434) 592-7365

Email Michael Herbert
Instructional Assistant

Phone (434) 582-7915

Office of Experiential Learning

Email Kevin McGinn
Director of Experiential Learning

Phone (434) 592-3790


Department of Biblical Studies Department of Christian Leadership
& Church Ministries

Email Blake Harcup
Phone (434) 582-7919

Email Christina Pallaria
Phone (434) 582-2310

Department of Global Studies Department of Theological Studies

Email Sarah Pache
Phone (434) 592-4978

Email Dr. Chad Thornhill
Phone (434) 592-3897

School of Divinity Online

Email Collins Friddle
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 582-2129

Email Becky Mahle
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-3338

Email Brittannie Moroz
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-6902

Email Lauren Valle
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-5907

Email Nathan Valle
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-4114

Email Jim Zabloski
Faculty Support Coordinator

Phone (434) 592-6575


Center for Apologetics & Cultural
Center for Asian Ministries

Email Dr. Joshua Chatraw
Phone (434) 592-7769

Email Young Choi
Phone (434) 592-4167
Phone 0 (704) 388-4167

Center for Chaplaincy Center for Christian/Community

Email Brian Harvey
Phone (434) 592-4170

Email Kathy Chambers
Phone (434) 582-2325

Center for Judaic Studies Center for Youth Ministries

Email Ayelet Evans
Phone (434) 592-3249

Email Christina Pallaria
Phone (434) 582-2310

Residential Graduate Admissions

Looking to apply to the School of Divinity as a resident student? Visit the Resident Graduate Admissions office.

Email Staff Listing
Phone 877.298.9617
Fax 434.522.0430
Location Liberty University, River Ridge Mall Annex


Liberty University Online Admissions

Looking to apply to the School of Divinity as a online student? Visit the Online Graduate Admissions office.

Phone 1-800-424-9596
Location Liberty University, River Ridge Mall Annex


Liberty University Support Offices

Divinity Advising

Phone 800.424.9596


Financial Aid

Phone 434.582.2270
Fax 434.582.2053
Location Green Hall, Student Service Center
Location Liberty's school code: 010392
Location Financial Aid TV