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When & Where

Vision Ministries schedule is constantly changing. In order to get information about where we will be next send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


Vision is open to all residential undergrad and divinity students at Liberty. The team looks for students with a passion for discipleship and a talent in one or more of the following areas: speaking, preaching, worship & music (worship leaders, vocalists, drummers, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists),  and other creative media (acting, video production, screenwriting, graphic design). Vision holds auditions twice a year, usually towards the end of the semester. 

Who We Are

Vision Ministries is a traveling team of college students who volunteer their time and talents to serve churches and student ministries across the southeast. The team is made up of roughly 30 students and has two parts: a discipleship team and a creative team. The discipleship team serves through speaking and preaching and the creative team serves through various creative avenues such as music, acting, video and media.

What We Do

Vision works with middle and high school students with the goal of connecting with them, seeing them grow, and challenging them to go as a disciple for Christ. Vision does this by assisting churches and student ministries in creating Disciple-Now weekends and weekend retreats throughout the school year. Vision comes alongside the churches and pastors to plan and craft a biblical theme for the weekend. A weekend is a Friday through Sunday event and consists of worship services, small group discussion, and activities, games or service projects.


Vision exists to Connect, Grow, and Go. 


To make connections and meaningful relationships with middle and high school students, as well as to connect students with meaningful, lasting discipleship relationships with their church leaders. Most importantly, the team desires to see students connected in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


To help students have intentional, growing relationships with Christ, their church leaders and other believers.


To equip students alongside the Church to carry out the Great Commission and go as a disciple for Christ and make other disciples by forming connections

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to bring Vision to your church for a weekend, contact the team at or contact one of the Ministry Leads. 

Audition Guidelines

Discipleship Team Auditions:

You’ll be given a passage of scripture and allotted 15-20 minutes to prepare a 5 minute devotional based off of the passage. You’ll present the devotional to a small panel made up of our discipleship team leadership.

Band Auditions:

Vocalists should prepare a solo that they will sing a cappella. You will also be asked to sing harmony with our band and worship leaders. Instrumentalists will be asked to play along with our band and transpose. There is no need to bring any equipment or gear to auditions.

Acting Auditions:

You will be asked to do a table reading of a serious script and do a little bit of comedic improve with current actors on the team.

Video/Screenwriting/Graphic Design Auditions:

You do not need to come to auditions for any of these three areas. Instead, send some samples of your original work to