Ministry Fellowship

Spend Your Senior Year In Ministry

Gain practical experience while completing your final year at Liberty University. If you’re a student in our Christian Leadership & Church Ministries department, you could spend your senior year working at an approved host church or parachurch ministry.

After you apply and are accepted into the Ministry Fellowship, you will partner with an approved site where you will work under the mentorship of an experienced ministry professional. Although you will be off campus, you will retain your residential status at Liberty and complete your remaining undergraduate courses online or through independent studies.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Full-time seniors majoring in a Christian Leadership & Church Ministries degree program:
    • Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership (B.S.)
    • Christian Leadership & Church Ministries (B.S.)
    • Pastoral Leadership (B.S.)
    • Youth Ministries (B.S.)
  • Students in good standing with Liberty’s Community Life, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts offices, and who are also in good academic standing with Liberty University.

Opportunities Could Include:

  • Administration
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Speaking/Teaching
  • Team Building
  • Evangelism

How Much Does It Cost?

Church hosts will cover your housing, utilities (including internet), and transportation to their ministry’s site. You are responsible for your moving costs, program fees, and food. Participating students save approximately $8,000 per year on expenses.

What Is the Process?

  1. Submit an inquiry to the Director of Experiential Learning your freshman or sophomore year.
  2. Initiate contact with one of the Approved Fellowship Sites below or a new site you have selected that meets the requirements for the Ministry Fellowship Program.
  3. If you choose a new site, that ministry must first go through the application process and be approved before you can apply for participation in the program.
  4. Apply to the program during the fall or spring of your junior year.
  5. After accepted, arrive at your church host site no later than August 1.
  6. When your Ministry Fellowship ends on May 1, return to Liberty University for graduation.

Approved Fellowship Sites

Reminder: Our program does not place you into your site. Before applying, you will need to contact a site supervisor from one of the approved sites below or from another site you have selected that meets the requirements for the Ministry Fellowship Program. New sites must be approved through our site application process before you apply.

For more information, please contact our Director of Experiential Learning.


Why should I enter the Ministry Fellowship Program?

The Ministry Fellowship is intended to set you apart for vocational ministry. Imagine, when you graduate you could have an entire year of real-world ministry experience on your resumé along with your bachelor’s degree. You came to Liberty University to train for vocational ministry, and the Ministry Fellowship is the premier opportunity for you to maximize your training.

How long is the Ministry Fellowship?

The Ministry Fellowship is designed for students to complete during the final 2 semesters of their senior year. Most CLCM majors require a 200-hour internship to be completed during one semester (3 credit hours), but as a Ministry Fellowship student, you will gain a minimum of 800 hours of experience over the course of two semesters (up to 12 internship credit-hours can be earned). That’s 4-times the experience of a regular intern, which sets you apart as a Ministry Fellowship student.

Will I have to stay at my Fellowship site during school breaks?

You will not have any academic requirements (assignments, evaluations, etc.) during school breaks; however, you will continue to serve as a Ministry Fellowship student at your ministry site. Any time off will need to be discussed and scheduled with your Ministry Fellowship Site Supervisor.

Do I pick my site or am I placed in an Approved Site?

You are not “placed” with an Approved Site. You are responsible to initiate contact with the ministry site where you are interested in serving.

What will my housing be like at my Ministry Fellowship site?

Approved Ministry Fellowship sites agree to provide apartment-style housing with all utilities and internet included. The specific housing arrangements vary from site to site, but you can expect a space that is furnished, private, and safe.

What transportation expenses am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for the transportation to and from your Approved Site (although some sites cover these expenses to make your transitions easier). Approved Sites agree to cover transportation to/from the site and your housing throughout your time as a Ministry Fellowship student.

How will this program save me money?

Your housing costs will be completely covered by your Approved Site, saving you approximately $8,000. You will simply be responsible for tuition, food, and personal expenses.

Will I be paid by my Ministry Fellowship site above my housing/utilities expenses?

Approved Sites are not required to pay you, but most sites offer a stipend to help with other expenses. Any monetary compensation will be communicated to you by the Site Supervisor during your application process.

Will I still be registered as a residential student?

Yes, the Ministry Fellowship is a part of the residential ministry training program and only residential students are allowed to participate. You must maintain your status as a full-time residential student in order to participate in the Ministry Fellowship. In order to maintain full-time status, you will earn 6 hours of internship credits along with 6-9 hours of online coursework for a total of 12-15 hours each semester of your senior year.

Will my financial aid be affected?

No. You will maintain your status as a full-time residential student, so you will continue to qualify for financial aid.

How and when do I start the process?

Your first step is to schedule a meeting with the Director of Experiential Learning. In your email, include a list of times when you are available during a typical week, and he will schedule a time to meet with you in person. Ideally, you should complete your Ministry Fellowship application as early as your freshman or sophomore year. Your course scheduling becomes very important in this process, so the earlier you get on track the better.