Fossil Evidence for the Global Flood

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The stories of the Creation and Flood have been preserved in the archaeological record through various ancient Near Eastern documents written in cuneiform on clay tablets. The physical evidence of the Flood has been preserved throughout the fossil record, particularly in fossils whose formation can only be explained by a rapid process of fossilization (such as that created by a flood). Included are fossils from both the U.S., Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Germany, and Haiti, demonstrating the global scope of the biblical Flood. Below are just a few items from our exhibit.

Mosasaur’s jaw fossil in matrix

Hadrosaur’s (duckbilled dinosaur) eggs nest in matrix

Fish fossil in matrix

Rare fossil in matrix of a fish in the process of eating another fish

Ammonites – polished to reveal internal structures

Articulated fossils of bird and turtle in matrix