Liberty Biblical Museum

Welcome to the Liberty Biblical Museum!

We strive to give faculty, students, and visitors a window into the world of the Bible. First-hand experience with these ancient testimonies will bring the scriptures alive, speak truth into the modern world, and affirm the historicity and reliability of the Bible.

Our exhibitions of artifacts from the Holy Land and Biblical culture trace from 3,000 B.C. to the 6th century A.D. Special exhibits include:

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Jewish Temple
  • Authentic Last Supper room
  • Daily Life in the Bible
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Fossils and the Flood
  • And more!

The museum is open to students and visitors for self touring and to groups of five or more for guided tours. 
If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email:

            As a result of COVID-19, the Biblical Museum has a max capacity of 10 people per visit. 
           Please note that social distancing requirements and face coverings will be enforced in the museum.


We are located in the Jerry Falwell Library, Terrace level, Room 061.

  • Visitors can visit the Liberty University Visitors Center to receive a parking pass and directions to the Jerry Falwell Library.
  • Once you are in the library building use the elevator from the 1st floor or walk down the steps to the lower atrium (Terrace level). We are in the hallway to the right at the bottom of the steps.
  • For additional help or information visit the Library front desk.

We look forward to seeing you!

My daughter Gabrielle and I had a delightful visit with you. Thank you for taking the time to talk, to share about your life and work, and to tour us through the Liberty israel Biblical Museum. It was very enlightening. The Museum is a must stop for any visitor to Liberty University, and should be part of the required curriculum for incoming freshman.  It is excellent.” – Daniel, Sept., 2018

Your museum is such a wonderful resource for our students. Shalom!” – Jillian Ross, Ph.D.

“As a student, it is amazing to attend a school where biblical history is valued and where much effort is put into preserving the things of the past. I think every student should visit the (Biblical) Museum to admire, appreciate, and absorb the amazing artifacts and writings of the past!” – Liberty Student,  Spring 2016