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Learn More About the Applied Ministry (B.S.) Online Degree

Equip yourself in ministry so that you can make a difference in today’s world.

The B.S. in Applied Ministry prepares you to apply what you have learned to a broad range of ministry opportunities. Gain critical knowledge in the principles, practices, and strategies related to ministry leadership and management.

With this degree, you’ll equip yourself with an understanding of the many issues that come with effective biblical ministry.

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Program of Study (DCP)

B.S. Applied Ministry


Dr. Claudia Dempsey

How to Make an Impact in Your Career

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Degree Completion

  • Get accepted into the program
  • Register for your first courses
  • Take CLCM 250: Intro to Christian Ministry
  • Select your Areas of Study
  • Complete your core classes
  • Complete 1st & 2nd Areas of Study
  • Complete 3rd Area of Study or Remaining Electives
  • Take Capstone Course CLCM 498

Benefit from Your B.S. in Applied Ministry Degree

  • DIY flexibility: Create your own individualized degree
  • Far-reaching application: Get ready for broad-scale ministry 
  • Multi-faceted approach: Integrate Business, Counseling, & Divinity courses
  • Transfer-friendly
  • Innovative, out-of-the-box ministry training
  • Balance exploration, preparation, and application

How the B.S. in Applied Ministry Works

Create your own path by combining 2 or 3 unique areas of study while you customize your degree with multiple disciplines.

Complete your core studies with a base of study in divinity, counseling, and business. Then, fine-tune your degree by choosing your specific areas of interest. Select up to three areas of study below to supplement your degree.

Divinity Areas of Study (Required)
Non-Divinity Areas of Study (Required)
Areas of Study (Optional)


Career Opportunities With the BS in Applied Ministry

  • Parachurch Ministry Leadership 
  • Associate/Youth Pastor
  • Social Media Ministry
  • Community Outreach Programming
  • Urban and Rescue Mission Ministries
  • Humanitarian Service & Crisis Relief
  • Homeschooling Program Leadership
  • Chaplaincy
  • Social Justice Initiatives
  • Marriage and Family Ministry
  • Sports and Camp Ministry Leadership
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Discipleship and Formation Leadership
  • Women’s Ministry Director