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679 OnSite Capstone


679 OnSite Capstone

CHMN 679 is a capstone course designated for students who’ve already served in full-time, salaried vocational ministry for two or more years (i.e., pastoral ministry, ministry director, missionary).  This does include weekly or monthly service ministry you may already be participating in. This also does not include experience in an educational setting, such as a teaching position in a Christian school.

Eligibility and Registration

Students who have completed at least 50 hours of coursework can email their resume to explearning@liberty.edu to be approved and registered.  

This email should include:

  • Your LUID
  • At least three references that support your full-time, salaried, ministry vocational status and experience.

If you try to register online for this course, be prepared to also submit all this information at that time.