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Modified Attendance

ODAS may determine that a student is eligible for additional excused absences if he or she has a disability that could impact class attendance, .  The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) provides the following guidelines in considering whether attendance is an essential element of a course:

  1. Is there classroom interaction between instructor and student and among students?
  2. Do student contributions constitute a significant component of the learning process?
  3. Does the fundamental nature of the course rely o the student participation as an essential method for learning?
  4. To what degree does a student’s failure to attend constitute a significant loss to the educational experience of other students in the class?
  5. What do the course description and syllabus say?
  6. Which method is used to calculate the final grade?
  7. What are the classroom practices and policies regarding attendance?


The Modified Attendance Agreement accommodation involves an interactive process between you and a student whose disability might impact his or her attendance in your course.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet with you to discuss the potential need for additional excused absences and how this might impact his or her access to your course.  (Please note that the student is not required to disclose disability information to you.)  The student will provide a Modified Attendance Agreement form that requires both your and the student’s signature, and then he or she will return the completed form to ODAS.  It is at this point that the accommodation will be put into effect.  If the student does not meet with you or return the agreement form to ODAS, the student does not have this accommodation in place and absences can be addressed as they would for any student.

If you determine that additional absences are not a reasonable accommodation because it would fundamentally alter the nature of your course, you will need to provide the reason(s) why on the agreement form.

Please review the Modified Attendance Agreement Faculty Guidelines for details about this accommodation.

ODAS staff is available to consult with you on any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time at ODAS@liberty.edu or calling (434) 592-4016. You can also visit our office in DeMoss Hall, room 1264.

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