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Alumni Referral Program

Encourage students to apply to Liberty University by joining the Alumni Referral Program. As a volunteer referrer you help build the academic excellence and spiritual integrity of Liberty. When you see a student who would be a good fit here, share your own Liberty story and take an active role in recruiting online and resident students.  The referral program has three parts - use one or all of them!

  • Referral Materials - includes a link to apply for free ($50 value). 
  • Events-  volunteer to work alongside a recruiter at an event. Get free admission to the event for yourself!

Join the Referral Program

Fill out our Volunteer Referrer's Application. If you have already filled one out, request additional materials or sign up to volunteer at an upcoming event.


Referral Materials            Alumni Referral Packet

Volunteering as an alumni referrer does not mean you have to answer every question the prospective student may have about Liberty or the admissions process. We will give you a recruitment postcard  to help you share your story and Liberty experience with prospective students.

The postcard has answers for common question from students and a link to apply to Liberty for free.

Fill out the Volunteer Referrer's Application to get your referral materials.

Volunteering at Events:

Liberty University Online will be traveling to different events  throughout this year. Alumni Volunteer opportunities are available for select cities. If you received an email about Liberty University Online coming to your area please fill out the volunteer referrer's application above.

Getting Involved

Contact Murna Gado:

phone (800) 628-7973
hours 8 am-4:30 pm, M-F


Who can be a Referrer?
  • Alumni
  • Parents
  • Friends of Liberty
  • Students
What is the process?

Fill out the referral volunteer form above, call or email our office to join Alumni Referral and receive materials. We will send information on Liberty that can be given to any prospective students.

May I attend College Fairs on behalf of Liberty?

With proper training, yes. We are looking to add this to the program as it grows.

May I request that Liberty be represented at a college night at my school or church?

Yes. Please Contact our office at (800) 628-7973 or email We will provide you with further information.

Does this mean I am an official Recruiter for the school and will I get paid?
  • Alumni Referrer is a volunteer position.
  • Alumni Referrer's help identifies prospective students that will then be forwarded on for Admissions to assist with the enrollment process.
How much communication is involved?

We only ask that you share your Liberty experience with a student and give them a postcard.