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Module 5 Quiz


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  1. For both sexes, puberty usually begins as early as _____ years old or as late as _____ years old.
  2. During puberty, the growth spurt typically follows this order:
  3. Adolescent brain development involves the _____ maturing before the _____.
  4. Compared to people of other ages who are sexually active, the rate of sexually transmitted infections and diseases is _____ in teenagers.
  5. The tendency of teenagers to intensely center their thoughts and focus on themselves and what others think of them to the exclusion of others is called ___.
  6. Due to its appropriateness based on the developmental level of teenagers, most high schools in the United States approach learning by stressing a learning style based on _____.
  7. When one or more persons spread insults or rumors about another via electronic sources such as emails, text messages, videos, or any form of social media ____ is occurring.
  8. In the _____ approach to comprehending intelligence, intelligence and mastery of a domain can be directly improved with effort such as paying attention, engaging in class, studying, etc.
  9. Erikson’s theory places teenagers in the stage ________ of development.
  10. What is parasuicide?
  11. Tallia and Sarah persuaded Connie to skip school and steal alcohol from a store. This is an example of ______.
  12. Conflict between parents and teenagers via bickering or disagreements is most likely to _____.

Religious Socialization and Parenting
Module 5 Quiz