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Technology and the Teen

Section 2, Article 4 - Teenagers consume technology at rates that far surpass any other age group (). The term digital native has been coined to describe someone who has grown up in a digital technology-saturated environment, including internet access, computers, cell phones, and other platforms. On the other hand, a digital immigrant is someone who has lived in a time without an overabundance of digital technology. Though different opinions exist as to how technology is shaping the developing brain, there seems to be a fundamental difference between the information processing approach used by digital natives and their predecessors. For more information on the origin of the term digital native, please see the research conducted by . (PDF)

There are many benefits to living in a time of digital technology; access to information can aid education and learning, and social media can bring people together. However, adolescents have experienced several negative effects of the misuse and overuse of digital technology. For example, technology encourages quick changes in attention, thoughtless multitasking, and visual learning over imaginative analysis (). Exposure to graphic and inappropriate content has never been more accessible to teens. Engaging in gaming, chatrooms, and gambling takes time away from physical activity, schoolwork, friends, and family. Other concerns include  and online predators. Though technology is an amazing tool, it is a tool that developing adolescents need to see presented alongside clear safety guidelines.

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