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    Hunter Jacobs

    Class: Senior Height: 6'4

    I have been participating in competitive archery since 2009, which would equal six years now. I did take about a two year break within that time frame due to financial status would not allow me to continue to afford competing. I really love this sport and would like to make a career out of it some way. I have not really received any accomplishments as far as finishing in the top three while competing at the collegiate level here at Liberty neither in any of the ASA tournaments that I have participated outside of my collegiate career. I have won many local tournaments in the surrounding areas of Liberty, as well as placing within the top three. My future plans are to pursue a career in the outdoor industry in however God leads me in that direction. I would love to eventually be considered a pro archer where I can compete with other archers at the top level, but offer a different approach to the field than most shooters in the sport present, which is a Christ-like attitude. Hopefully, with God’s help maybe this goal could be achieved some day!