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    May 12, 2020 Lynchburg, Va. RSS |

    Club Sports Director of Video & Media Patrick Strawn recently produced the end-of-the-year highlight video showcasing memorable performances by members of Liberty University's Club Sports teams throughout the 2019-20 school year.

    The 3-minute, 49-second video, set to the song "I Lived" by One Republic, features highlights from all 41 programs, though it relied on more practice footage than usual after COVID-19 shortened the spring sports seasons. Highlight clips were shot primarily by Strawn, Video Coordinator Olivia Becker, and Video Assistant Hayden Robertson.

    Normally, the video debuts at the Club Sports Choice Awards ceremony, but this year's event, scheduled to take place in the School of Business that opened this past fall, was also canceled with most of the 600-plus student-athletes returning home and completing their studies online after the March 16-20 Spring Break.

    Instead, each team selected three student-athletes — a Most Valuable Player, a Champion award winner, reserved for a senior who has demonstrated commitment, leadership, and service to ther team throughout their careersand a Rookie of the Year — to be honored during Club Sports Recognition Week.

    Here is the list of student-athletes selected from each team:

    Archery (MVP: sophomore Connor Rothermel; Champion: sophomore Hala Skelton; Rookie: junior Danielle Bergen); Beach Volleyball (MVP: sophomore Jenae Baker; Champion: graduate Margaret Latchford; Rookie: junior Katelyn Dilcher); Crew (MVP: junior Joanna Moran; Champion: senior Ryan Krupansky; Rookie: freshman Timothy Bentz); Cycling (MVP: senior Bethany Matsick; Champion: senior Todd Yoder; Rookie: freshman Benjamin Cook); Disc Golf (MVP/Rookie: freshman Stephen Curry; Champion: sophomore Pete Curran); Equestrian (MVP: sophomore Faith Dantona; Champion: senior Amber Gayheart; Rookie: freshman Elianna Bruss); Figure Skating (MVP: junior Angela Bosher; Champion: graduate Jill Holste; Rookie: freshman Marissa Harter); Gymnastics (MVP: junior Mia Harvey; Champion: sophomore A.J. Kenniv; Rookie: freshman Caitlin Greiner); Men's Division I Hockey (MVP: senior forward Quinn Ryan; Champion: senior forward Victor Blomberg; Rookie: freshman defenseman Colin Baird); Men's Division II Hockey (MVP: junior forward Blake Flanders; Champion: graduate defenseman Drew Crilly; Rookie: freshman forward Luke McFarlane); Men's Division III Hockey (MVP: freshman goalie Stephen Sanders; Champion: senior forward Andrew Barlass; Rookie: freshman forward Kenny Fogarty); Women's Division I Hockey (MVP: senior Alex Smibert; Champion: Senior Aly Morris; Rookie: graduate Valeriia Manchak); Women's Division II Hockey (MVP: Holly Turner; Champion: senior forward Brynlee Anderson; Rookie: sophomore goalie Maddie Snook); Men's Lacrosse (MVP: graduate midfielder C.J. Nichols; Champion: senior defender Charlie Shier; Rookie: junior attack Jackson Miller) Paintball (MVP: graduate Kyle Babb; Champion: senior Josh Montinari; Rookie: junior Davis Lowry); Racquetball (MVP: senior Garrison Walker; Champion: senior Seth Jordan; Rookie: senior Samantha Preston); Rock Climbing (MVP: senior Connor Ellis; Champion: Gwen Mars; Rookie: freshman Hadleigh Murphy); Shooting Sports: Action (MVP: sophomore Sam Verdoorn; Champion: senior Sam Stover; Rookie: senior Connelly Weems); Shooting Sports: Rifle (MVP sophomore Mitchell Feaga; Champion: senior Susie Krupp; Rookie: senior Jane Deane); Shooting Sports: Shotgun (MVP: sophomore Jon Britton; Champion: senior Casey Williams; Rookie: freshman Victoria Hendrix); Ski & Snowboard (MVP/Champion: senior Milo Rice; Rookie: freshman Coleen Leja); Men's Swimming (MVP: senior Noah Miller; Champion: senior Charles Fernandez; Rookie: freshman Matthew Davidson); Synchronized Skating (MVP: junior Emily Wilson; Champion: senior Haley Gram; Rookie: freshman Olivia Ford); Taekwondo (MVP: senior Jackie Baumann; Champion: graduate Brittany Harris; Rookie: freshman Serratt Nong); Triathlon (MVP: graduate Mark Fairley; Champion: senior Laci Clark; Rookie: freshman David McCurdy); Men's Ultimate (MVP: sophomore John Simmons; Champion: senior Austin Heston; Rookie: junior Noah Willson); Women's Ultimate (MVP: senior Bethany Fowle; Champion: graduate Victoria Dissmore; Rookie: sophomore Betsy Jennings); Men's Volleyball (MVP: sophomore James Morton; Champion: graduate Kaden Knepper; Rookie: sophomore Cross Edwards); Men's Wrestling (MVP: graduate 197-pounder Austin Amos; Champion: senior 184-pounder Sam Karel; Rookie: freshman heavyweight Rick Weaver); Women's Wrestling (MVP: senior 155-pounder Cendall Manley; Champion graduate 136-pounder Charisse Manley; Rookie: junior 143-pounder Marissa Sanders).


    Video by Patrick Strawn/Club Sports Director of Video & Media