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    January 11, 2022 Dillon, Colo. RSS |

    Former Liberty University ski and snowboard Head Coach Ryan Leeds was featured on a recent episode of Flames Central, focusing on his leadership role within Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ (SFC) out of its North American headquarters in Colorado.

    Leeds, a New Jersey native, competed as a snowboarder for the Flames from 2009-12 before graduating with a degree in biblical studies. He completed his master’s in theological studies after coaching the team from 2014-17, while also heading up the Lynchburg chapter of SFC and serving as general manager of the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.

    “When I was coaching at Liberty, I absolutely loved Snowflex and the people there,” Leeds said. “Some of my greatest friends are at Snowflex, but I did not view it as something that would be a ministry opportunity for me.”

    Leeds moved to Colorado in 2018 to work fulltime with SFC.

    “SFC is a parachurch ministry,” Leeds said. “Our mission is to bridge the ski-snowboard culture to Jesus by partnering with the local church and our vision is to be a light on the hill. I’m really passionate about this industry (and) I get to introduce them to Jesus, the One who actually can bring them hope. We really want to see this industry that can be really dark turn to light.”

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