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    July 9, 2021 Lynchburg, Va. RSS |

    Shea Whitehurst, a rising senior on Liberty University's gymnastics team studying government: politics & policy with a minor in American sign language, is featured on this segment of "Meet the Player," produced by Club Sports videography.

    Whitehurst, from Shreveport, La., chose to compete for the Lady Flames rather than attend Louisiana State University on a full scholarship.

    "I came on campus here and walking through the Circle and just seeing the Christ-centered atmosphere on campus … I just realized I wasn't going to get that at LSU and I knew my relationship with the Lord would not be as good if I went to a state school like LSU or Arkansas, so I decided to come to Liberty," she said.

    Her favorite chapter in the Bible is Psalm 139, which helped her through a traumatic past to shine as a child of God.

    "That has given me more confidence in who I am," she said.

    Whitehurst has a medical condition that causes her to randomly pass out, which she has dealt with throughout her lifetime.

    "It catches people off guard a lot," Whitehurst said. "You can tell who your real friends are when you pass out on them."

    The only female child in her family with an older brother and 10 boy cousins, Whitehurst became used to rough housing. Her mom threw her into a gym at the age of 2 and she picked up the sport of gymnastics quite naturally.

    "I was running around the house like crazy and my mom didn't know what to do with me, so she just put me in a sport where I couldn't get hurt, because of all of the mats and the pit and everything," Whitehurst said. "I really enjoyed it so then I got picked for the team part and I really excelled and had a lot of natural talent. I was really flexible and small, so I did really well in it."


    Video by Hayden Robertson and Kylee Lilge/Club Sports Video & Media Assistant