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    September 15, 2022 Lynchburg, Va. RSS |

    Fitting for an ice hockey program, Liberty University’s ACHA Division I and DII men’s and women’s teams and CHF DIII men’s squad will have some cool new duds to showcase this season, designed by Club Sports Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Caroline Sellers.

    All five programs will sport the same home white and away navy blue jerseys while the DI men and women will also debut a powder blue sweater saved for special occasions.

    “I started designing them in March, and it took the majority of the summer,” Sellers said. “I went through a process and did two different drafts, two designs, and combined bits and pieces of both. I took feedback on what the coaches wanted and took a design that I thought would look cool, fit the Liberty brand, and stand out amidst the ACHA. For the baby blues, I had a little bit more creative freedom on those, and went with something a little more classic and traditional, just a little more simple.”

    “It’s a new flavor and the guys are excited to wear them,” Flames DI men’s Associate Head Coach Jeff Boettger added. “I think they all look super sharp, even just the accent color change on the blue and on the white to have a little bit of a baby blue, with still predominantly Liberty colors. I think they look really good and no matter which one we’re wearing, we’re privileged and honored to be able to wear those colors of the university.”

    Boettger said the new uniforms project a sharp and innovative edge to the program as it defends its home ice at the LaHaye Ice Center and takes its game on the road as ambassadors for Liberty.

    “We build every year on the foundation that’s been laid by great players and coaches that have gone before us,” he said. “Sometimes you throw in some new garb, new designs. It keeps things fresh and makes it fun for fans and players alike. We are very blessed and privileged with what Liberty provides for us as a team and as an organization, so we get to go out there and exemplify what it means to be a competitor for Christ. We strive for excellence in how we play the game, intensely, competitively, but also with honor and respect.”

    Sellers said the program introduces new jersey designs every four to five years.

    “This is the first time I’ve been a part of it, and the first time we’ve had someone do it from within the organization,” she said. “The navy and white (uniforms) have less striping, especially on the arms, and have gone to more of a minimal style. They’re not as busy as they used to be, just a more simple design. Everyone really likes them. They love them.”

    Additionally, the DI Flames will use at least five other jerseys for single-game promotions, starting with a Hawaiian-themed “Midnight Mayhem” jersey for its Oct. 1 showdown with Niagara, and including two other “Midnight” editions on Dec. 2 against Maryville and Jan. 21 against UNLV, a Military Appreciation night camouflage outfit for their Nov. 12 battle with Delaware, and a character jersey for its “Star Wars” weekend series with Ohio on Feb. 17-18.

    “There will be lots of opportunities for us to exhibit what we have to offer and do it in unique colors, and use it for a good purpose,” Boettger said. “We always auction those off and use (the proceeds) for future mission trips or giving back to the community here.”

    Watch a video showcasing the new jerseys produced by Liberty’s Marketing department.