2019-2020 Champion Staff

Emily Wood



Emily Wood is a journalism major from South Carolina. This is her first year as editor-in-chief for the Liberty Champion. She loves running, travel, podcasts, the Enneagram and all things America. 

Hattie Troutman

News Editor


Hattie is a junior studying Journalism and Government. She enjoys most outdoor activities, especially roller blading, and thinks Jane Austen is a genius.


Benjamin Craft

Assistant News Editor and Web Editor


Craft is a senior journalism major. This is his first year working for the Liberty Champion. He grew up in a military family, and has moved 11 times throughout his life. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports and rock climbing. 

Abby Bowman

Opinion Editor


Abby Bowman is a senior journalism major from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is her first year as the Opinion editor for the Liberty Champion. When she’s not writing for the Champion, she enjoys art, poetry, classic rock, spending time with friends, shopping and getting far too excited about NASCAR.

Jenna Crenshaw

Feature Editor


Jenna is a senior Journalism major and Psychology minor. In her spare time, she is probably multi-tasking and sipping an iced caramel macchiato from Bean Tree.

Savanna Graves

Assistant Feature Editor 


Graves is a journalism and strategic communications major from Texas. This is her first year as the assistant feature editor for the Liberty Champion. Graves loves her home state, politics and decaf coffee. When she’s not writing for the Liberty Champion, she’s riding for the Liberty Equestrian team.

Emily Baker 

Sports Editor


Emily is a senior journalism student with a minor in cinematic arts. She enjoys running, spending time with friends, all kinds of creative pursuits, and the Oxford comma. She’s also a skilled Captain Marvel impersonator. The 2019-2020 year will be her second as the sports editor for the Champion.

John Nekrasov 

Copy Editor


John is the Section B copy editor and a junior in the journalism program. Born in Israel to a Russian dad and an American mom, he can be satisfied in essentially any situation as long as soccer is involved (or if someone distracts him with a theological conversation). When he graduates, John wants to be a reporter covering the English Premier League.

Rachel McClamroch

Copy Editor


Rachel is a journalism major from North Carolina. She is a lover of culture, and enjoys learning about history, literature and God’s amazing grace.

Liz Fitch

Photography Editor


David Eppinger

Assistant Photo Editor


David is a senior Strategic Communications major from Maryland. He is also pursuing a minor in Graphic Design.

Mark Rio

Photo Archivist


Kaitlyn Bradshaw



Kaitlyn is a graphic design major from Illinois. This is her first year as a graphic designer for the Liberty Champion. She loves watching TV (The Office, White Collar), movies (Marvel and comedies) and reading books.

Chad Wylie

Assistant Sports Editor


John Simmons

Social Media Editor and Distribution Manager


John lives in North Hampton, NH and has four wonderful younger siblings. He is an unashamed New England sports fan, and often can be seen wearing a Tom Brady jersey. John has no fashion sense, is a Middle-Earth nerd, and a lover of all things fall.

Virginia Peay

Social Media Editor


Virginia Peay a senior at Liberty and is studying journalism. She loves to stay busy traveling, enjoying the local music scene and attempting to keep her plants alive. This is her first year as social media editor and contributes to the feature section as a writer. 

Christian Bedell

Digital Media Editor


Lacroy Nixon



Lacroy is a senior graphic design major. He is the president of Bridging the Gap Urban Ministries and of the Poetic Soul Association. He also enjoys powerlifting.

Dakota Ward

Designer/Office Assistant


Emma Jean VandenBrink

Liberty Champion GSA


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  • Lonnie Ray Alexander

    Good afternoon to everyone. Just as Miss Savanna Graves, I too am a proud Texan and from the GREAT State of Texas. I reside in a small but growing community located approximately 35 miles Northeast of Downtown Houston, so Howdy! I have been an online student at Liberty University since 2019; unlike the Staff, I am old! I turn sixty in April. I have been closely monitoring the Politics in Virginia, and I am very concerned. It appears as if the voters want to turn the State into the Socialist Peoples Republic of Virginia. I am seriously contemplating leaving Liberty and find a Christian Univerity in Texas. I am concerned that it’s just a matter of time before the Socialists gain power, and when they do, they will be coming for Liberty University. Is there any push back by anyone in the State of Virginia?
    L.R. Alexander

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