Sports briefs

Men’s basketball Liberty University men’s basketball head coach Dale Layer announced Tuesday that sophomore guard Evan Gordon has played his last season at Liberty. He will transfer at the end of the semester. According to, Layer said that Gordon wants to play a different position than the guard position he has been playing for the Flames. Gordon, Liberty’s 26th […]

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Title IX: What you need to know…

Title IX was created in 1972 to require gender equity in all educational programs that receive funding from the government. One of the largest aspects of Title IX is athletics, and most accusations involving Title IX involved gender equity in athletics. The Department of Education and the Office for Civil Rights are responsible for assuring that athletic programs stay in […]

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Wrestling reclassified

Liberty University Athletic Director Jeff Barber announced Tuesday that Liberty’s wrestling program would be reclassified as a club sport, due to the institutional decision to move toward the proportionality method of meeting the federal gender equity regulations known as Title IX. This particular method of gender equity regulations calls for university athletic programs to allow female athletes the same opportunities […]

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