Opinion: Masks Have Become a Universal Form of Judgement

As the coronavirus has invaded every aspect of American life, preventative measures against sickness has become everyone’s top priority. Masks have risen to special prominence, being recognized by many as the superhero of defense against the virus.  Masks have had just as big of an effect on America from a social perspective, however. They have become a universal symbol of […]

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Opinion: Netflix’s “cuties” promotes the sexualization of children – and that’s not okay

The year is 2020. Wildfires run unchecked, riots bloody America’s streets and a pandemic cripples the healthcare systems worldwide.  On top of all that, Netflix released a movie catering to pedophiles. It’s not a documentary about the justice system or a behind-the-scenes feature about “To Catch a Predator.” No, “Cuties” is full-fledged pedophilia bait, released under the guise of embracing […]

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opinion: Governments have the right to implement mask mandates

Governors and health officials across the country have drawn the ire of an emerging anti-mask fringe movement. These fledgling activists feel that the government either has no legal authority to implement such a mandate, or that the government has no moral authority to impose restrictions of these kinds in peoples’ personal lives.  In fact, at Liberty University, a handful of […]

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