Educational Entertainment

Part history. Part entertainment. The historical sites in the City of Lynchburg and surrounding counties offer a number of options for something to do. Historic Sandusky Located a short five minutes from campus is Historic Sandusky. The site tells the tale of Charles Johnston who built the home around 1797. Prior to this, in 1790, Johnston was on an exploratory […]

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Negotiating to first place

Liberty University School of Law students Hannah Reichel and Karlee Shelton spent two weeks preparing case negotiations.

A panel of judges rewarded the students’ hard work with a first place finish at the Southwestern Entertainment Law Negotiation Competition on Oct. 3 in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Our whole objective is to keep people out of court,” Reichel, who will graduate in May, said.

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Parade of Memories

People of all ages lined the sidewalks of University Boulevard on Saturday Oct. 9, awaiting an event that has become a yearly tradition for students and Liberty alumni. Liberty University’s homecoming parade proceeded from the entrance of the newly renovated William’s Stadium at 1 p.m. The parade kicked off the weekend’s festivities, raising school spirit and community involvement. “I think […]

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‘Say Something’

Two hundred red flags in DeMoss courtyard are serving as a reminder for students to “Say Something” as part of Domestic and Dating Violence Awareness Week’s Red Flag Campaign. The Student Government Association and the Office of Student Conduct banded together to spread the word on Liberty’s campus and promote the importance of healthy relationships. One of the goals of this co-curricular event is to help students learn to have healthy, respectful relationships with members of the opposite sex, Senior Conduct Officer Andrea Adams said.

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City leaders say downtown is ‘safe’

Murders in Lynchburg are not common, according to City Council Member H. Cary. George Baker’s murder early last month was an exception, he said. “(Downtown) is crime free with the exception of Mr. Baker,” Cary said. “There have been a few minor incidents, but not anything that would give you cause for your personal safety.” Liberty alumna Robin Dimond co-owns […]

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New Dining Options for Students on South Campus

Students living on Campus South now have new dining options, Campus Pastor Johnnie Moore announced in Monday morning’s Convocation. There are two new food vendors for students to choose from. One vendor will house Liberty University Dining, said General Manager of Liberty University Dining Doug Pugh. The second food vendor will be for different sub-vendors, including Domino’s. The vendors’ grand […]

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Creation Hall floods…again

Senior Sammye Spillar was walking through the back hallway of DeMoss two weeks ago, on the way to study in the biology department. She had just stepped out of the sudden rainstorm when a familiar face greeted her. “I saw one of the professors, and I said ‘This weather is crazy,’” Spillar said. Then the professor pointed farther down the […]

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Who will hold Congress when the dust clears?

“With 32 days until the election things are very tense in Washington, D.C. People are very charged, and new scandals are breaking daily, Republicans are trying to focus on the economy and Democrats are trying to portray Republican and tea party candidates as extreme, this is the current narrative of Washington,” Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center said. The […]

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Is the recession really over?

The National Bureau of Economic Research announced last week that the recession ended a year ago. The news has not alleviated the unemployment problem facing many students at Liberty. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics defines “unemployed” as someone who is available to work but does not have a job, despite actively searching for at least a month. […]

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