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A Danville man continues his years-long fight to get internet service at his house.

According to ABC 13 News, Gerald Keller has tried to get Comcast to extend their service to his home for the past five years.

There have been talks about extending their networks to rural communities to bring high-speed internet to homes.

Keller says they have been helpful in his situation, but Comcast is not easy to connect with, and Keller has been unable to make his case successfully.

Despite this, Keller took his plea public, messaging local news to help him reach Comcast. After this, ABC 13 News reached out to Comcast in Keller’s favor, asking why he has not received service.

“Comcast is excited to extend our advanced network to deliver our reliable, high-speed internet service to Mr. Keller, and construction will begin upon permit approval,” Kristie Fox, vice president of communications for the Comcast Beltway Region, said.

Keller was notified that Comcast would be coming out to extend their line to give Keller access in the next 14 to 30 days.


A former assistant principal at the Richneck Elementary School is now facing criminal charges after a 6-year-old student shot a teacher.

On Jan. 6, 2023, a first-grade student shot first-grade teacher Abigail Zwerner after assistant principal Ebony Parker ignored warning signs ahead of the shooting.

According to Fox News, Parker, school officials and Newport News Public School are defendants in a $40 million lawsuit brought by Zwerner for the incident.

The shooting occurred after a student managed to take his mother’s handgun from her dresser to school in a backpack.

According to ABC News, a school counselor and other teachers reportedly spotted a boy with a gun during recess and warned Parker, who then discouraged the teachers from searching the boy’s backpack.

Zwerner was shot eight times, suffering gunshot wounds in the hand and lung. Her injuries were not fatal.

The student was stopped after the gun jammed and was unable to fire any more bullets. Parker has been charged with eight counts of felony child abuse with disregard for life, one for each bullet.


The Great North American Eclipse did not disappoint, for most.

Trekking from Mexico to Canada during its totality, a range of 3,300 miles on Monday, April 8, the much-anticipated solar eclipse caught the attention of millions.

According to AP News, a few hundred million people witnessed the event, with a couple hundred million living in the path of the eclipse and many travelers from around the globe visiting to see it as well. 

Despite the excellent experience for many, others faced disappointment as clouds covered the sky in many places from Texas to New York. 

However, millions of people had a chance to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon throughout Monday.

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