LU ONE will be hosting faith-based event happening on March 2

Sharing testimonies of faith, challenges and confidence, the LU ONE Women’s Leadership Panel happening March 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the LaHaye Event Space will feature the discussion of women with strong faith while promoting a culture of fellowship and community.

This year’s theme is all about celebrating women in leadership, and it will include a moderator-led panel discussion where questions by students, faculty and staff can be answered.

The panel will include leaders from various campus departments. Panelists include Executive Director of the Center for Financial Literacy Stacie Rhodes, School of Divinity professor Mary Lowe, Associate Dean in the School of Aeronautics Julie Speakes, Director of Residence Life Jen Nodal, and Executive Vice President for Human Resources Steve Foster.

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Melissa Harris, the communication and branding director of LU ONE, said she hopes attendees will walk away with a better understanding of precisely how our Christian strength and faith can be utilized to become leaders.

“This is a great time to gather and learn lessons from some of the leaders on campus,” Harris said. “It gives students an opportunity to gain wisdom and inspiration from women leaders who are guided by their faith.”

According to Harris, while the LU ONE Women’s Leadership Panel is not new to Liberty, the opportunity to hear from these leaders and their stories of aspirations, hardships and successes will fuel women today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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“The ways God used women like Esther and Deborah serve as a testament to our strength, wisdom and capacity for leadership,” Harris said. “This panel will be an extension of that idea and how we are all united in the different ways God calls us to serve.”

According to Harris, LU ONE exists to help students gather in fellowship in Christ in one spirit, one body and one LU while embracing diversity. She explained that the panel will be a time of coming together to show who we are as Christians.

“(It’s about) celebrating unity and the difference(s) everybody has,” Harris said.

After the panel, students will be able to engage in fellowship and networking with one another, as well as talk one-on-one with some of the panelists.

The event is open to students, staff and faculty, whether male or female. For more information on LU ONE, visit their website.

Militello is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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