Photo Expo begins: Students vote on their favorite photographs

Student Activities is providing students the opportunity to showcase their photos for the campus to vote on in their upcoming Photo Expo event Feb. 19-23 at the LaHaye Lobby.

The event will allow Liberty students as well as the community to see the students’ talents
in photography.

“This event serves to create an environment for any residential student with a passion for photography to showcase their work for their peers,” Makena Joseph, coordinator of special events for Student Activities, said. “It can be a big step for some photographers to put their work out for an audience, and Photo Expo is a safe space to do that.”

Photo by Noah Seidlitz

Before the actual event, students who plan to attend are encouraged to vote for their favorite photos. Voting is done beforehand to ensure that the selections with the most votes are revealed at the event.

Joseph said students with any level of photography skill are encouraged to participate.

“We invite professional and amateur photographers to enter their photos,” said Joseph. “At Student Activities, we believe it is important for students to engage in culture through creative means.”

Joseph said the Photo Expo is a time for students to take a break from their schoolwork and enjoy creativity from a different viewpoint.

“We often see submissions of landscapes around the world,” said Joseph. “So students can view God’s creation through another’s creative lens.”

Amaro-Millán is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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