CASAS: Intentionality Personified, Personalized Success

College can be hard, but students don’t have to navigate the world of academia alone. They can follow a well-worn path up to a door in DeMoss Hall. This door is the entryway to the College of Applied Studies and Academic Success. 

CASAS was founded in 2005 under a different name, but it has grown and changed over the years to support students in new ways. Originally, this branch of academic aid was categorized by its emphasis on advising, but several departments joined together for the purpose of advancing and cultivating the student body’s academic enthusiasm. The expansion of CASAS directly correlates with the growing student body and their specific needs. 

Additional departments  of CASAS have been geared toward the distinct needs of the student body and can be grouped into three categories. Hailey Manicone, the executive director of academic and career success, classifies these departments as “the three As”: academic, advising and applied.  

Photo Provided | Dr. Manicone speaking at a Parent Session during Welcome Week

The academic success branch focuses on outsourcing and finding students help on their personal journey toward academic excellence. Through this resource, students have access to tutoring services, academic mentoring, writing services and workshops. Manicone spoke on the advantages of the student writing services in particular.  

“Through the Writing Center, we see students reap a sense of tangible success and leave more confident,” Manicone said. 

Manicone emphasized the impact that the academic success department has on students and employees. Oftentimes, the student workers discover a passion for teaching through the process of aiding others in their academic pursuits.

Next, the advising success branch of CASAS works with students and families to guide Liberty attendees in their decision-making and to provide a well-informed support system. Finally, the applied success branch is geared toward the enhancement of each student’s potential career paths. Students find unique access to technical studies and career services through this department.  

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Career Services is another department that Manicone noted to be of paramount importance. Through this outlet, students receive career advice for the present and future. Students can find help in the creation of cover letters and resumes and direct access to employers through annual career fairs.  

Manicone described an exciting new feature of this service entitled Career Studio. This resource will be provided every weekday from 1-4 p.m. at a walk-in basis. The aim of this asset is to provide hands-on assistance, active help and a dedicated space for students to work on job-related projects and searches. 

According to Manicone, the primary mission of CASAS is the implementation of “personalized help for personalized success.” Success looks different for each student, and the primary goal of CASAS is to support students toward their definition of success.  

CASAS holds fast to the ideology that collaboration is the key to academic success. CASAS invites students to humbly accept their flawed humanity and learn the necessity of asking for help. Manicone advises new or intimidated students to “come to CASAS as early and often as possible.”  

Callaghan is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion 

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