Matcha-do about coffee: Upscale convenience store and coffee shop brings a piece of Texas to LYH

Though Lynchburg is getting colder as the seasons are changing, the newest addition to downtown Lynchburg, Trading Post by Traber Ranch, is bringing over some Texas heat. 

This is not only an upscale coffee shop, but a convenience store. The owners, Melanie and Peter Traber, started renting out the space in June and saw the Trading Post come to fruition quickly as they recently opened Oct. 18. 

Melanie Traber explained that several different concepts were involved with the creation of this shop. 

“At noon you go to the grocery store, and at 5’o clock, you cook. But if you forget eggs then you have to go to Madison Heights or Wards Road … I knew there was a real need for some kind of groceries, and a coffee shop kind of just goes with it,” Melanie said. 

Eventually, the couple landed on the idea of the Trading Post, which not only caters to the needs of locals but also brings a piece of Texas to Lynchburg. 

The Traber family was originally from Texas, which is where the inspiration for the shop came from. However, they moved to Lynchburg after their twin daughters and son started attending Liberty University. 

Before the Traber family started the Trading Post, the original building was being used to display cars and had an antique atmosphere. 

“The walls and everything were rough, but I wanted to keep the look,” Melanie said. “I don’t like going into an old place and making it look new. I like to keep the aesthetics.” 

This is where some of the interior design and inspiration came from, along with western elements, including wall pieces shipped straight from Texas. According to the Trabers, the design, menu and product offerings have helped the Trading Post stand out.

Melanie shared that their coffee is imported from Italy, unlike many coffee shops in the area. Though Trading Post primarily serves coffee, they offer other different drinks.  

“Our most popular drink right now has been the Monster Matcha, which is a matcha with a strawberry cold foam,” Melanie said. “But we’re changing it today to fall matcha with an orange cinnamon foam.” 

Aside from designing creative drinks, Melanie shared that the Trading Post will have pool tables soon in the lounge space downstairs.

Though it has been exciting for the Traber family to open the Trading Post, they are still looking for ways to keep innovating the shop and making it more than just a place to get coffee. Trading Post is located at 1222 Main St. in Lynchburg and is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week. 

Nichols is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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