Ballot information released

State elections are just around the corner, and campaigns across Virginia are heating up. On Nov. 7, voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard by casting their vote. But before they vote, who are voters choosing from, and what do the candidates represent?

Liberty University students who vote on campus will see several elections featured on their ballot this year. There are a few different candidates for each position.

State senator is the first position on the ballot. The job of the state senator is to represent the region’s 215,000 residents. Mark J. Peake, representing the Republican Party in the 22nd district, is the incumbent being challenged by Democratic candidate Donna St. Clair. 

The next position on the ballot is for the House of Delegates. There are 100 delegates, and each one serves on a state committee and helps initiate legislation on taxation. Republican incumbent Wendel Walker is being challenged by Democratic candidate Jennifer Woofter. 

Lastly, voters will see the conservation director position on their ballots. This is a bit unusual, as this position has no established candidates but will use a write-in process: voters will supply the names of candidates rather than selecting from names on a ballot. Each voter will supply two names for the write-in election, and the Republican and Democratic Parties have supplied recommendations for potential write-in candidates.

By familiarizing themselves with the names on their ballots and doing research ahead of time, voters can educate themselves about the candidates and the policies and beliefs they support – all to make informed decisions on Election Day. 

Jarnigan is the asst. news editor for the Liberty Champion

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