Timeless truths from The Champion that span generations


From Bruce Stanton’s “Bruce … on Liberty” (Vol. 5, No. 9; October 1987):

 “It sure is … uh … different, isn’t it?” my semi-shell-shocked mom (Ada) said upon first seeing the LU campus when my parents brought me up here nine weeks ago. 

… She knew things would be different up here, but not like this. You see, Mom was used to seeing larger schools. 

She attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, and I attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for more than two years before I transferred to LU.

… She was used to getting lost on our two-square-mile campus, trying to find me when I called home and told her that I had locked myself out of my car again. 


The first time I came to Virginia was three years ago when I toured another college in Virginia Beach. On that tour, the dining hall was the size of a common room and the tour was 15 minutes. 

The next day, my mom and I drove to Liberty University, and the tour was three hours and included a look at a massive dining hall. I applied to be a student at Liberty that day. 

Coming from small schools my whole life, Liberty seemed like an ocean compared to a lake. I transferred from a small community college in Michigan. Stepping onto Liberty’s campus and seeing the large buildings and walkways and thousands of people — it instantly drew me in. 

This large campus offers me opportunities to grow stronger in my faith, late night Cook Out runs, lasting friendships, memories and so much more. Liberty has given me so many chances to grow in all areas of my life.


From John Peter’s “Life isn’t all study” (Vol. 3, No. 4; October 1985):o. 4; October 1985):

 After more than one month of school, most students have come to realize the importance of self-discipline in relation to their studies and work.

… In the hectic lifestyle (that) most college students and most other people live, a time of leisure may be the most important time a person has during a week. 

Without it fatigue sets in, leading to a short temper and lower quality work. 

Where do you find leisure time? You must make time. You must schedule a time to rest or take part in some relaxing activity just as you would schedule study time or devotion time.

… It doesn’t matter what it is, just find it. School, and life in general, will go much smoother. 


As college students, we may often find ourselves drowning in our studies and assignments because grades matter. Not much has changed since ‘85. There’s still that go-go-go attitude that encompasses everything we do.

I am currently taking 18 credits and have been since I transferred to Liberty. I find myself swamped with school work and no leisure time. This causes me to be tired, irritated and lazy with my assignments. College is supposed to have those fun moments, those long-lasting memories with friends.

Leisure time allows our minds to refresh and blow off some steam. If you find yourself slacking on your work after hours of pushing yourself, maybe it’s time for a break.

Denny is an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion

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