Students plant 2,977 on the Academic Lawn

Twenty-two years ago, the United States endured one of the worst days it has ever seen. A day that is forever engraved into the hearts of many as a series of gut-wrenching events that unfolded across the nation. A day that was supposed to tear the United States apart but instead brought everyone a little closer. Twenty-two years later, we continue to gather in remembrance and prayer of the many lives lost during that fateful day. On Sept. 11, we remember the brave sacrifices of service members and U.S. citizens. We remember the innocent lives lost around the country and the individuals that continue to be impacted today. On Sept. 11, we stand as one to “never forget.”

Young Americans for Freedom planted flags all over the Academic Lawn in remembrance of Sept. 11. Every year, the organization honors the lives lost on the tragic day and plants one flag for each life lost, about 2,977 flags total. YAF is a conservative club on Liberty’s campus that is open to all students and designed to offer students opportunities to hear from speakers and participate in similar patriotic events.

“We vowed never to forget, and 22 years later we are staying faithful to that statement,” YAF representative Matt Walker said. Each flag represents one life that was lost on that day, and it is a reminder of the cost of freedom and what the enemies of freedom are willing to do. But also, it is a demonstration of our resolve, and how to our core as Americans we may be shaken, but our foundations will never be destroyed.”

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