Student Activities hosts Taylor Swift Trivia night

Taylor Swift fans had their opportunity to shine at the Trivia (Taylor’s Version) event, hosted by Student Activities Tuesday, Sept. 5. Swift fans gathered in the LaHaye Event Space under the sparkling light of a disco ball (inspired by the Folklore favorite “mirrorball”) to enjoy Swift’s catchiest songs, compete in five rounds of trivia questions and show off their best Swift-themed outfits. 

In light of The Eras Tour kicking off this summer, Student Activities decided to add to the buzz by hosting this event for “Swifties”. 

“We always like to do themes for our trivia that are relevant to current students and their interests,” Special Events Manager Anna Pender said. “The Eras Tour has been blowing up this summer on what seems to be everyone’s social media feeds, so we felt like this was a great time to have an event for the fans.”  

Students divided themselves into opposing teams of six and worked together to develop their answers. Each round focused on a different category, starting with “Never Grow Up” (early life) and leading into “Taylor’s Version” (re-recordings and vault tracks), “In Our Eras Era” (tours), “Now Featuring” (songwriting collabs and featured artists), and finally “Big Reputation” (fun facts). 

Two games were held at 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. to accommodate the participating students’ schedules. After each round, the emcees collected and graded the answer sheets and declared the winner for that round; at the end of the event, they tallied all the points and announced the grand winner. The overall winning team for the 8 p.m. game secured Eras-themed tote bags, while the 9:30 p.m. winners received DIY friendship bracelet kits.  

The trivia night provided students the opportunity to meet new friends and bond over a shared interest. The Student Activities marketing team designed the question slides, and Campus Production added to the atmosphere by producing a lighting scheme that captured the ambiance of Swift’s concerts. As a Swift fan herself, Pender wrote all of the trivia questions, and Event Supervisor Chloe Rinaldi acted as the main emcee for the event. 

The event was Liberty University’s highest attended trivia of all time with over 400 in attendance. 

“We will be having another trivia this semester called ‘McTrivia’. It’s all about fast food and fun,” Pender said. “It’ll be later in the semester, so students should keep an eye on our social media for announcements on that.” 

Goforth is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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  • As a Liberty student, I must say that this is very sad. It is so discouraging to see so many young people following Taylor Swift. She is someone who tears down men and profits off of it. She does not stand for good.

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