President Costin speaks at Campus Community

In the midst of endless studying and busy schedules, students can experience campus-wide fellowship at the Vines Center every Wednesday night as they worship together during Campus Community.

Last Wednesday, Liberty University welcomed Liberty President Dondi Costin to continue this year’s Campus Community series, Behold. Costin previously spoke to students for the first time during Convocation the week before, and many students were excited to hear from him again. He challenged students to “begin with the end in mind.”

 He started his message with the three things that compose Liberty students’ lives: believing, belonging and becoming. 

“That’s why I am so excited about what Wednesday nights are … You talk about what God is doing in your life and the lives of those around you, so (that) you can become the person God wants you to be — don’t miss it,” Costin said, discussing the importance of attending Campus Community and the community groups that follow afterwards.

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Costin’s message focused on the life of Christ and his mission on earth from the very beginning of his earthly life. Costin proceeded to explain that Jesus calls believers today to be on mission for him. 

 “You have (only) that many years to follow Christ and to obey him, and to do what he wants you to do, and to live for the kind of mission, passion and purpose that he would have for you,” Costin explained

He added how Christ’s obedience during Satan’s temptation in Luke 4 models how believers can obey God in their trials. According to Costin, obedience will always be more important than your comfort, popularity and presumption — especially when believers have eternity in mind. 

“If you begin with the end in mind … (and you know) that your real life is eternity, you will be able to have the kind of courage that’s required for you to be a champion for Christ in the same way Jesus was a champion for Himself,” Costin declared. 

After his message, the Liberty Worship Collective led the congregation with the song, “Resurrender” by Hillsong Worship. One lyric from “Resurrender” reflected the heart of the message, “so help us God to please You, where only You can see, for every moment matters in eternity.”

Photo by Brooke McDuffee

Costin’s message left a lasting impression in students’ minds. Student Emily Boulo, junior and public health major, discussed how Costin eloquently explained Scripture and made it applicable to every believers’ life. 

“One thing that really stuck out to me was when he was talking about obedience. When we have an eternal mindset, when we are living with the end in mind, … we can see how true those things are,” Boulo said.

Another student, Hannah Polasky, junior and graphic design major, spoke about how the message was a nice indication of what the university’s focus should be this coming semester, and what makes Campus Community a unique event. 

“It was a good reminder of how Jesus walked and how we should be walking. … I love (Campus Community) because it really pushes you to go deeper,” Polasky answered. “Campus Community truly pushes you to grow in your faith once you’re already more mature (in your faith).” 

This Wednesday, Sept. 6, students can expect to hear from Vice President of the Office of Spiritual Development, Josh Rutledge, as he opens Scripture to speak on John 1:19-35.

Oribello is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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