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As November approaches, state elections draw closer and students are encouraged more than ever to register to vote. Liberty University offers students several registration options to ensure that they have all the resources they need to exercise their right to vote. 

Residential students must complete the voter registration application through Liberty University’s voting application portal and email it to vote@liberty.edu. On-campus students are not eligible to vote in local precincts, instead, on-campus voting will take place in the Montview Alumni Ballroom on Election Day, Nov. 7.  

Off-campus students, however, must locate their own voting precints to vote on Election Day. Students can
visit Demoss 1315 for assistance.

Absentee voting is another consideration for students who want to vote in their home state. Students from every state but Alaska can participate in absentee voting; Alaska residents should remain registered to vote in their home state to avoid losing their eligibility for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Because each state has different laws and deadlines for absentee voting, students planning to participate should research their state’s laws before taking action. 

Deciding how and where to vote is crucial. Because students have the chance to vote in Virginia rather than their home state, each student has to weigh the impact that their vote will have in each district. Because Liberty students spend most of the year in Lynchburg instead of their hometowns, voting in Virginia gives students the opportunity to vote where they spend the majority of their time and money. Topics such as taxes, election frequency, and local politics are all things to consider when deciding where to vote. 

For same-day election, students must bring a valid form of ID, such as a drivers license or Flames Pass. Early voting began Sept. 21, so Liberty recommends that students register before Oct. 16. 

Jarnigan is the assistant news editor for the Liberty Champion

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