Health Expo highlights the nine dimensions of wellness

The Student Health and Wellness department invited students to “piece together” their health needs at the 10th annual Health Expo event Tuesday, Sept. 19. Held in the Montview Alumni Ballroom, the event offered attendees an interactive health exposition where students could experience a hands-on approach to learning about the importance of holistic wellness.

Students were welcomed to visit a total of 36 stations, all dedicated to teaching about the nine dimensions of wellness, the paradigm that Student Health and Wellness promotes.

“I think it’s crucial that students learn about health and wellness because some don’t even realize that there are nine dimensions of wellness,” Assistant Director at Student Health and Wellness Cailin Hutton said. “We’re actually one of the few universities that acknowledges all nine of them.” 

Photo by: Natalie Olson

At the event entrance, students were given a card with each of the categories of wellness listed — digital, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual — which could be covered bingo-style with color coded stickers from corresponding booths that students interacted with. 

The theme of the event was inspired by the idea of how all the dimensions of wellness are connected. 

“You’re putting together the puzzle pieces of your life,” Hutton said. “And those nine dimensions of wellness are your puzzle pieces. Without one, you don’t have the full puzzle.” 

Each table focused on a different “piece” of the puzzle. The Office of Equity and Inclusion touched on social health by sharing about how the department promotes unity and diversity, while the School of Nursing demonstrated the importance of physical wellness by performing free blood pressure checks on students. The Jerry Falwell Library hosted a spin-the-wheel game that showed how the library offers helpful items students can rent such as cooking supplies, tool sets and even a film projector. 

Photo by: Natalie Olson

Organizations outside of Liberty also attended the event. The community Atlantic Union Bank offered students helpful advice and resources for financing. 

Many tables gave away “swag” items and sent students off with brochures and business cards to help further connect them to other resources. 

Since the event was focused on interactive learning, students could also fill out surveys, enter raffles to win prizes such as a longboard or NutriBullet blender, and even get their picture taken with Sparky. If students filled out their cards completely, they could receive tote bags, T-shirts and stainless-steel water bottles as they exited the event. 

The event was Liberty’s highest-attended Health Expo in recent years, with over 600 in attendance. The Health Expo will return next fall, but students can keep up with other Student Health and Wellness events by visiting their instagram

Goforth is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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