Game Night unfolds at the JFL

As upbeat background music played quietly, students circled round tables and laughed while they played games and enjoyed snacks. The students had gathered for the first Game Night of the semester in the Active Learning Classroom at the Jerry Falwell Library Sept. 14.

Game Night was a way for the library to showcase its Beyond Books collection and utilize the Active Learning Classroom as a resource for students. Additionally, the event allowed students to make new friends and play games with those who have an interest in similar games.

“Chess is one of my main interests, so I came to play with others,” junior Tyler Dipitero said.

The library’s student workers chose a variety of their favorite games including Life, Chameleon, Uno and chess to display on the table to the right of the entrance. These games were available for students to grab. Some students also opted to bring their own games to play with those around them. 

Students could also choose any game from the Beyond Books collection to play at the event. They returned these games to the front desk when they were finished.

“It has been really fun for me to see students meeting each other for the first time and connecting over the games they are playing,” Outreach Librarian Hannah Lowder said. 

Hadley Blansfield won a $25 Amazon gift card for attending Game Night. Participants put their names and email addresses on cards to be entered to win.

The snacks at the event were typical game night snacks like popcorn, Oreos, brownies, Doritos and Cheez-Its. Students could also sip on hot chocolate. 

“The games are fun and so is being able to meet people,” DiPietro said.

Students came and went throughout the two hours, grabbing snacks and joining in on games. The Active Learning Classroom was reserved past 7 p.m. so students could finish games that they were in the middle of playing. 

Lowder said there were about 50 students in attendance, which is higher than in the past. The next Game Night may be in a downstairs conference room to accommodate more students. Any student is welcome to attend the event. 

“We are very happy with how popular (the event) is, and it is good to know that students are interested in it,” Lowder said. 

The Jerry Falwell Library will be hosting Be Well at the Library Oct. 10 for World Mental Health Day. Throughout the day, a therapy dog, coloring sheets and snacks will be available, giving students the opportunity to relax and unwind.

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