Fresh food stand visits campus

Peaches, sweet potatoes, apples and more will be featured at the mini farmers market known as the Produce Stand, hosted by Sodexo Sept. 8 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of the Montview Student Union. 

The Produce Stand promotes healthy living by giving students the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally sourced fruits and goods. Students can use cash, Dining Dollars, Flames Cash or cards to purchase goods.

Rachel Sanders, campus dietitian for Liberty University Dining Services, said that Sodexo is committed to purchasing its seasonal produce from local vendors. 

“Cavalier Produce out of Louisa, Virginia brings all (the) produce to campus,” said Sanders. “And then we work with Cavalier to also source some of the local goods like the jams, the granola and the bread.” 

There will also be items made on campus for sale. 

“This year we will have homemade loaf bread that our campus pastry chef will produce for the market specifically,”said Sanders.

Sanders said that a chef will be there making meals for students to sample or purchase as well. 

“We know that dining is a large part of the community here, and in order to help cultivate that, we have these events … throughout the semester,” said Sanders.

Many students actively look forward to the Produce Stand’s arrival on campus every semester. Student Olivia Beverly said that she and her friends love to pick out fruits and vegetables and cook them for dinner.

“It’s a really good opportunity to invite everyone over and spend time together cooking healthier meals than we’d normally have,” Beverly said.

Beverly also said the Produce Stand reminds her of a mini version of a farmers market.

The Produce Stand started as an effort to give students the option of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of ready-to-eat food.  

Sanders and her team of nutrition interns began sourcing products from vendors at the beginning of the summer while the marketing team for Liberty’s Dining Services ironed out the time and place for the stand. 

Sodexo will be hosting its next Produce Stand in the spring semester, but for more information on all other dining events, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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