Thank you, Jerry and Carol Prevo, for the great memories

Two simple words hold so much meaning. As you prepare to take on a new role with Liberty University, we want to thank you for coming when you were so needed. We know you didn’t want to come at first. We know you rejected the call until you felt the Spirit of God compelling you to carry out a promise to a friend. 

Thank you for being a friend of Dr. Jerry Falwell and for being, like him, a committed follower of Jesus Christ through decades of ministry. Thank you for supporting his dream for this University. 

Thank you for coming here at a stormy time and guiding this ship out of turbulent waters toward a safe harbor where excellence in academics, spiritual development and all other areas of university life could flourish.

(Photo by Ross Kohl)

Thank you for your priority on ministry and missions, returning the University to a founding cornerstone.

Thank you for holding to high academic standards of excellence.

Thank you for being a supportive fan of Liberty athletics.

Thank you for leaving the comforts of retirement in your Alaskan home and coming to this city in Virginia to serve with your whole heart. 

Thank you for inviting us into your home — for talking with us on the sidewalks, in the eateries, in the classrooms and wherever you ran into students across campus and around town. 

Thank you for being willing to stop for photos and selfies with us. 

Thank you for holding to our traditions and starting new ones of your own, like the prayer walk. 

Thank you for being spontaneous and fun, like when you led a snowball fight on campus. 

Photo by Mark Rio

Thank you for your guidance through the COVID-19 crisis, for keeping our classes on track and for keeping doors opened when others closed. 

Thank you for showing us a wonderful example of a life and marriage committed to serving Christ. 

Thank you for leading us in the March for Life in D.C.

Thank you for sharing stories about your life and ministry in Alaska, especially the story about Mrs. Prevo hunting a bear. 

Most of all, thank you for always being faithful to preaching the word of God and challenging everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the memories. 

As you graduate to your new role as president emeritus, we can count on you keeping an eye on Dr. Falwell’s dream, making sure this University remains on course by training Champions for Christ to go into all the world.  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Liberty Champion newspaper staff 

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