Student volunteers gather in the Vines Center for annual event

Help is on the way! On Saturday, April 29, Liberty University students gathered at the Vines Center to mark the beginning of Serve Lynchburg. The event was organized by LU Serve and aimed to serve the Lynchburg community
through volunteering.

The event started with volunteers checking in and receiving T-shirts, which they wore throughout the day to identify themselves as participants in the event. After the check-in process was completed, the student volunteers were sent to different volunteer sites in the Lynchburg area.

(Photo by KJ Jugar)

“We are sending almost 1,300 students into the Greater Lynchburg area to serve 78 organizations at almost 100 sites through painting, cleaning, planting flowers, mulching, landscaping, and organizing and sorting for local non-profits and businesses,” LU Serve Director Steven Gillum said. “Serve Lynchburg is a way Liberty University students can invest in the Lynchburg community through serving the organizations that bless our community all year.”

At the volunteer sites, the students helped the community in various ways, including cleaning up parks, assisting with community gardens and participating in outreach programs. The volunteers worked to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

In addition to serving the community, LU Serve provided the volunteers with lunch, giving them the opportunity to relax for a few moments and connect with other students during the event. 

“We love getting to watch students leave campus excited and return to campus fulfilled after a day of serving the community,” Gillum said. “Serve Lynchburg serves as a bridge and a catalyst for students to get involved in the Lynchburg community. Students will learn about the organization they are serving and will be provided with follow-up steps to invest their time and skills into
community needs.”

The event brought students together to make a positive impact in the Lynchburg community while also fostering a sense of community among the students themselves. 

After the day of volunteering was complete, many students attended the After Party event put on by Student Activities. 

For more information on Serve Lynchburg, visit their website

Billingsley is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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