International Student Center event showcases Guatemalan culture

Guatemala is a nation rich with color, culture and history. On March 3 from 2-4 p.m., the International Student Center displayed this nation’s culture on Liberty’s campus.

The International Student Center hosted the Global Connect: Guatemala event in the Starbucks lounge located just above the Montview Starbucks. The event was held by Liberty students from Guatemala, as they were able to present the unique aspects of Guatemalan culture, such as the nation’s food, music and history.

Grad student and Guatemalan Ronaldo Morataya led the presentation as he explained the history of Guatemala and the mesa American region. He explained the reason behind many of the nation’s most popular dishes, traditions and cultural norms. The event featured traditional Guatemalan dishes such as refried beans, sweet cream, chips, horchata and hibiscus tea.

“I think (events) like these give a new perspective of Guatemala and other countries. These events allow people to see a different side of my country,” Ronaldo said. “I think people hear ‘Guatemala,’ and they might think it’s a very dangerous place. Events like this help give a new perspective about the bright side of the country.” 

ISC holds events that allow international Liberty students to talk about their respective countries and to share dishes and traditions with other Liberty students. The primary events held by ISC are the Taste of Nation, Parade of Nation and Worldwide Welcome, along with the open house and Global Connect events. The open house events are typically large displays of a variety of different cultures, dishes and music, while the Global Connects are typically smaller presentations done by students. 

“Students both domestic and international need to learn how to communicate with each other,” Ireremena Felix-Otuorimuo, ISC operations coordinator, said. “It is so important because when the students … from other countries talk about the history and culture of their countries, then people are able to understand a little about why they do some of the things they do and act the way they act. We as a community can leverage on that knowledge to better communicate cross-culturally, which increases your cultural intelligence.”

ISC will host a European Open House on March 7 from 12-4 p.m. in DeMoss Hall 2232. For more information about ISC and future events, follow @luinternationalstudents on Instagram or visit ISC’s website.

Billingsley is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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