The Section Selections: Our predictions for Super Bowl LVII

Annie Cory: Eagles 24 –  Chiefs 27

While this may not be the Chiefs first go around in the big game, they’ve never entered a Super Bowl looking this depleted. It’ll take a near-perfect performance from Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the offensive line to be able to battle it out with the likes of Philly. However, I think they pull it off. 

Aaron Palsgrove: Eagles 27 – Chiefs 24

When you look at the rosters side-by-side, there are only two positions where the Chiefs are better than the NFC representative: tight end and quarterback. Even tight end might be a question because the Eagles have legitimate depth at the position, and the Chiefs just have Kelce. Said quarterback is the real problem for the Birds. Mahomes is far and away “the quarterback” in the league, and he is the only reason the Chiefs will put up a fight against Phillys incredible roster.

Anna White : Eagles 28 – Chiefs 30

In a close game, Mahomes will lead the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LVII. Eyes have been on him since he secured his first Super Bowl ring in 2020, and he is not going to let a sprained ankle get in the way of securing a second. The Eagles, however, will not leave the stadium without putting up a fight in their first Super Bowl appearance since a victory in 2018. 

Caleb Barnes: Eagles 30 – Chiefs 20

The Eagles have not lost since their blowout loss to the Cowboys on Christmas Eve. Jalen Hurts and the Philly offense seem to have it all together, whereas Mahomes still looked a little gimpy versus the Bengals. Even with a fully healthy Mahomes (and who knows if he will be), the Eagles’ defense will be stout against a Kansas City offense that does not have all the weapons it used to. 

Scout Hughes: Eagles 35 – Chiefs 14

I think that Philadelphia will win the Super Bowl because I am not confident in the durability of Mahomes’ ankle. Also, given the fact that every time I count the Eagles out, they always prove me wrong. Hurts is an MVP candidate, and rightfully so. Philly is just the better team overall.

Zach Wheeler: Eagles 33 – Chiefs 27

 Kansas City has a great offense with Mahomes and his collection of weapons, and they will score their points. Andy Reid is an offensive mastermind and will find ways to put his guys into good situations. The Eagles, however, have a dominant run game and an experienced defense. As long as the Eagles are able to keep a good balance on offense, they will control the clock and win the game. 

Noah Willard: Eagles 27 – Chiefs 30

I think the Super Bowl experience will be enough to edge the Chiefs past the inexperienced Eagles. Mahomes is my MVP pick this season, and I expect him to have nothing shy of an MVP-like performance against an Eagles team that hasn’t been tested too much this year, statistically having one of the easiest paths to the Super Bowl of all time.

Corey Wilson: Eagles 38 – Chiefs 35

Looking at how the Chiefs played against the Bengals, they were able to squeeze out a win against a team that was evenly matched by way of wins coming into their playoff round. Meanwhile, the Eagles soared over the 49ers, who had won as many games as the Eagles while dealing with multiple injuries. Maybe if the 49ers had their first-string quarterback available, they could have done better, but the Eagles’ defense will make it very difficult for Mahomes on Sunday.

Zach Rivas: Eagles 24 – Chiefs 28

The Chiefs have too much experience and the Eagles have too little. Mahomes has consistently led his team to the Super Bowl in two of the last three seasons. He knows what he is doing and so do many of his supporting cast, namely Kelce on offense and Chris Jones on the defensive end, not to mention an experienced and trustworthy coaching staff. The Eagles are good, and Hurts looks promising, but the bright lights will blind them. 

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