Student Opinion- The super bowl commercial that enhances the Christian message

As millions tuned in to watch the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, a lot of viewers took notice of a commercial called “He Gets Us.” The commercial comes from the pockets of the Christian company Hobby Lobby and unnamed organizations. 

Many people watched as the commercial portrayed immigrants escaping and moving to another country. But as the commercial came to a close, it was revealed that the commercial was actually about Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ earthly parents. With the goal of spreading more awareness about Jesus’ character and story, the commercials target real-life issues and spark meaningful curiosity.

This commercial comes at a time in our country that not only has millions of immigrants flooding in, but illegal immigrants as well. Migrancy has been a hot topic in the country for the last couple of years, and this commercial took aim at it while also sharing the beginnings of the gospel. Although at first glance, some people may become upset at this commercial, I think that it was actually a good topic to focus on, giving the world a reminder of Jesus and the good news.

Yes, Mary and Joseph (and Jesus) were refugees, and yes, there is a chance that they may have broken some sort of law in order to save themselves. But, if we actually think about it and about whom we’re talking about, it’s Jesus. His parents had to do anything to protect the literal savior. God protected and allowed them to do that.

I think a lot of people, specifically on the right, took offense to the commercial on various degrees. At the very least, the “He Gets Us” commercial has raised awareness for the issue and spread the gospel to a degree. According to the Catholic News Agency, the campaign has reached 431 million views on YouTube with another 100 million more just from the Super Bowl alone. That’s 431 million people who got a hint of the gospel. 

Researching this commercial had me thinking a lot about how we stand as a country compared to others who are less well-off, and what the Bible says about what we should do. “He Gets Us” reminds us of the power of the gospel and the end of this world in relation to Revelation 7:9 — “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” I think as a whole, the U.S. should, of course, be generous to immigrants. I just think we need to find a different way of going about it.

Usually what comes to mind when you think of the U.S. helping people in need is just throwing money at the problem and hoping that it just sorts itself out. Something that the commercial did a really good job of was reminding viewers that immigrants aren’t just “immigrants,” but they’re people, just like you and me who all need the same gospel.

Although most of the time emotion in politics isn’t something you necessarily want, it is in this case. When it comes to actual fellow God-made human beings that are just living their lives, you must become emotional about it.

The commercial presents a strong aesthetic statement, and the message holds fast to the gospel story. Republicans and Democrats alike should really stop and think about the words within the commercials about people who are just trying to find a good life for themselves. 

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