Student opinion – Liberals continue increasing gender-identity curriculum

The American school system has long been a subject of controversy and debate, with issues ranging from education funding to standardized testing. However, one of the most divisive topics in most recent years has been the role of gender identity in classrooms across America. 

According to Fox News, places like San Francisco are enforcing gender-identity ideologies within their school programs. Their legislative plan is to start introducing this during a child’s elementary education. They also have been quoted saying that “parental involvement (is) not required” in the context of children’s gender identity. 

In some conservative states like Florida, lawmakers are taking steps to ban the discussion of gender identity in schools. This includes the prohibition of teachers from using gender-neutral pronouns, as well as the restriction of books that explore gender and sexuality from the classroom. This has caused a rift between conservative and liberal communities, with those on the conservative side arguing that these topics are inappropriate for children and that it goes against traditional family values. 

Not only do they go against traditional family values, but they also go against the founding values of this country. However, some states recognize this and are acting upon it. According to news source Chron, Texas has recently introduced a bill that will ban all LGBTQ topics and conversations up until high school. Many are comparing this to the “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida. While the Texas bill seems questionable due to its not including high school, it is a good start in the right direction. 

On the other hand, many liberal states are taking steps to include gender identity and LGBTQ topics in their curriculum. These schools seem to have an agenda for the next generation and think it is important for students to understand the complexities of gender and sexual identity. They also argue that children who identify as LGBTQ face significant challenges and discrimination in society, and that schools have a “duty” to provide them with a safe and supportive environment. 

Oregon is taking this topic to a whole new level. According to Fox News, the state of Oregon and its school districts allow not only the implementation of a gender-identity curriculum, but the districts also refrain from notifying children’s parents about said implementation. In fact, they encourage students to keep such things away from their parents. It’s almost as if these schools know most of the parents will disapprove.

I believe it is our responsibility to provide a safe education for our children and what is ultimately our next generation. While we do live in a world that is becoming more diverse as time passes, it does not mean our school system has the right to implement an ideology based on gender into our children’s school curriculums. 

The next generation should not have to deal with a gender-identity crisis. Our school systems are becoming indoctrination systems and not places meant to educate children on the basics of English, math, history and science. 

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