Beach Chapel takes the stage at Liberty

Beach Chapel, along with concert-opener TJ Lawson, will take to the stage on Saturday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. in the LaHaye Event Space for a featured concert that will include students and CFAW guests.

Beach Chapel came to life in the coastal city of Oceanside, California. The band has over 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and its No. 1 song “Swim” has notched over a million listens. This is the first time Beach Chapel will perform at Liberty University. 

“I think this concert is special because the artist is different from what we usually book. Beach Chapel is a lesser-known group, which means we’re introducing some students to a whole new area of music they maybe have never heard of before,” Anna Pender, Student Activities special events manager, said. “We are bringing something totally new to the table, which creates a space to develop something new.” 

Beach Chapel has been making music since 2019. It is a younger band that has connected with many due to its musical style and spiritual lyrics. 

“Music will always be a unifying element, especially with college kids,” Pender said. “A concert is a great way to make friends because you’re all there to have a good time. Also, the Christian artist element helps you to find similar godly people to be friends with – all while listening to cool music and experiencing a good show.” 

According to its website, Beach Chapel creates music that has rock, pop and dynamic synthesis components.

“They’re kind of like indie pop rock. It’s a really fun blend of beachy, sunny-day music and cooler indie rock, so it’s definitely a unique sound,” Pender said. 

Beach Chapel is currently in the process of releasing a new EP. Its most recent release is “Closer,” which was released Jan. 27. The rest of the EP is projected to be released in 2023.

Beach Chapel also hosts “sessions” along the West Coast to reach those who are lost, using music to share the love of Jesus. 

“They’re all about connection — specifically organic, naturally occurring connection with all kinds of people. Their whole mission is spreading the gospel on the West Coast. They connect with local creatives and set up on popular piers in California to have worship and share testimonies with anyone who stops by and wants to know what they’re doing,” Pender said. “A lot of what this generation is searching for is organic connection and ways to reach people without feeling forceful
or overbearing.”

Liberty students can purchase a ticket for this show for $10 by going to the Student Activities website and clicking on the Beach Chapel info. CFAW guests can head to the same site and purchase a ticket
for $15. 

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