Sodexo offers fresh food to students Jan. 19

Students walking through the Montview Student Union Jan. 19 were treated with an assortment of fruits and vegetables along with free samples and a lunch special, courtesy of Sodexo.

The produce stand offered students a variety of fresh food that would typically not be available to them on a regular basis.

 “Students aren’t able to easily purchase the items we bring to campus because they’d have to leave campus in order to get them, as well as dip into their own personal funds,” Shelby Burton, Sodexo marketing manager, said. “We make it easy by bringing it to the Montview Student Union.”

The convenient location is what attracted many students to the stand.

“I love having (the produce stand) here,” Liberty student Santiago Zolla said. “It kind of adds some excitement to the
daily routine.”

The produce stand didn’t just have fruits and vegetables. A featured lunch option of a Thai citrus chicken wrap with wonton chips along with sliced pieces of the wraps were used as free samples for students. 

“It’s delicious,” student Shelton Kiser said. “It’s convenient, and it breaks up the usual day.” 

The stand and the free samples were a major hit with students. The popularity of this sort of event is an encouraging sight for Liberty Dining to continue these types of events on campus in the future. 

“We just enjoy seeing how much the students enjoy the stand, and it gives us a chance to form real connections with them as their dining team,” Burton said. “We always just want the students to enjoy our events… and (know) that we’ll keep bringing things to the campus that (students) enjoy.” 

The produce stand was the first of two planned for the spring semester. However, Liberty Dining has numerous planned events throughout the rest of the semester. To stay up to date on all dining events, follow @libertydining on Instagram.

Billingsley is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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