Student opinion – Christians should care about the environment

The Bible teaches believers that everything they own, whether that be material possessions, talents or spiritual gifts, has all been given by God, and Christians should steward these gifts in a manner that brings him glory. But what about creation?

Scripture indicates that we are to tend to creation and care for it, and the Bible is permeated with instructions on doing so. Yet, the Christian community often represses discussion surrounding environmental issues. Believers need to begin contributing and responding to conversations regarding the environment. 

According to a study by Boston University on Christian communities, Christians are the least proactive in matters about the environment, and they have put in minimal effort toward caring for the world they live in. 

A primary reason for this lack of drive from the Christian community may be a lack of knowledge on the subject matter. Topics such as water pollution, waste management, wildlife conservation and climate change are issues that we should research and understand before we respond to the problem. Unfortunately, too many people within the Christian community are not being proactive or educating themselves on such matters.

In 2022, society often identifies people by their beliefs and practices, and while some may be fine with this form of identification, others shy away from discussing controversial topics so that they are not thought of negatively. A secondary reason the Christian community may be avoiding environmental issues is out of fear of being labeled environmentalists. 

Yet, if God has called Christians to be stewards of his creation, why does the term “environmentalist” bear a negative connotation among many believers? Why aren’t Christians at the forefront of the search for solutions to environmental issues? 

Many Christians view environmentalism as an extreme belief in which people care for the environment, considering it their god, as opposed to caring for creation out of honor for God. 

Believers need to begin shifting their perspectives on the term “environmentalist” because to an extent, it is what we are called to be. We need to be concerned about the world we live in and take active steps toward caring for it and the environment. 

This does not have to always amount to making significant changes. Remaining conscientious of how the minuscule day-to-day decisions in one’s life can affect the environment and adjusting them accordingly can create significant positive changes in the world we live in.

It is time that believers step into the role they have been called into and begin taking part in environmental conversations. Today the Christian community often puts issues such as climate change on the back burner, but this should not continue.

Christians need to begin responding to these problems instead of ignoring them. If they do not like the general public’s response to the environmental crisis, they must take part.

Not everyone will be a full-time environmentalist or activist. However, Christians are called to care for creation and steward it for the glory of God. Begin educating yourself on environmental issues rather than shying away from these conversations – engage in them. Most importantly, remember the purpose behind creation care. 

Daniel is an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion. Follow her on Twitter

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